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K-Pound & GeRenia

K-Pound is a Hater Magnet…


Jay “K-Pound” Moorefield, a longtime resident of Hip-Hop, became part of an explosive showcase of talent in Pittsburgh.  Paying attention to lyrical content, K-Pound’s music provides witty punchlines and aggressive metaphors.  Displaying versatility in his talent, K-Pound provides sensual lyrics for the ladies and real life music for the streets.  Raised in the volatile streets of Hazelwood, his music and personality demand a presence while grabbing the ears of many.  Sealing his name in concrete, he welcomed the attention from the streets his music brought him, motivating his attraction to the music industry.

K-Pound’s ability to verbally assassinate is opponents on the mic and dedication to music did not go unnoticed.  By 2000, he sparked the interest of Rovalike Records CEOs 2GZZ and DJ Spoon.  Later that year, K-Pound joined the Rovalike Records roster alongside 2GZZ, Nina Ross, and P. Vicious.  With the understanding of the difficult path he chose, K-Pound was determined to escape his street life by striving to be the best.  On a quest to gain as much musical experience as possible, K-Pound has had several successful albums in his catalog such as “The Resume” mixtape, “The A1 Movie Soundtrack”, and “Do You Know K-Pound?  The Movement” mixtape, he would believe and bring more to the table than his talent.

Influenced by the late, great Nina Ross for her strenuous lyrical exercises, she would put him through a variety of musical tests to see if he was ready for the majors.  Other influences such as Richie Logan, Dar-Loc, 2Pac, and a meaningful love of old school Hip-Hop are referenced as well.

Opening up for famous industry artists such as 2Chainz, Yo Gotti, Plies, and many more, K-Pound’s musical popularity increased drastically, confirming his place as a cornerstone of Pittsburgh’s Hip-Hop history.

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